Intercepted in 2001,
The Real Marketing has made exceptional progress in the construction industry. The Real Marketing has had the pleasure of marketing projects all over Pakistan. Over 200 projects in Karachi, Islamabad, Gwadar, Hyderabad, Lahore and Faisalabad in such a short time. Its record in the field is unchallenged. The company is a sister concern of Crosscheck Communications (Pvt.) Ltd. and works hand in glove with its parent company.


Our Marketing responsibility lies in evaluation of all the aspects of a project, ranging from feasibility of all the services that are required, calculating the value of the property in line with the prevailing marketing trends; to consider the public’s preference in terms of locality; to assess the market tendencies as far as the investors response is concerned; the weather suitability in line with the project launch; the present economy that can always shift upwards or downwards affecting our strategy and finally to present the best suited fiscal rates.

After conceiving the Marketing and Advertising Plans, the second phase of preparation of advertising and promotional material kicks off. Crosscheck Communications the parent advertising company, is entrusted with the designing and production of the brochure material, outdoor


Our Methodology includes the Marketing Manager leading the entire work force that is involved when any project is launched. He is the person who is the connecting joint between the company and the builder. Our sales staff, planted at the booking office are well qualified and every individual has a pleasant personality, is patient and is flexible enough to answer all sorts of questions a buyer usually has. An IT Department is at our disposal with the task of maintaining and compiling data about booking, payment and recovery, then handling the accumulated data to the Recovery Department. The IT Department brings another facet, that is to keep a Data Base of all the customers and whenever a new project is launched, they inform and invite them over to the launching ceremony.


 Multifaceted, our scope of services include   proposing a marketing strategy according to the requirements for a project. The Real Marketing offers four sorts of services:

  • A) Complete Advertising Strategy
  • B) Advertising Strategy plus booking of the project
  • C) Complete Package: Consisting of Advertising, Marketing, Event Management and so on.
  • D) Joint Ventures: Taken with the people owning a piece of land, instead of gaining the price of the land only, the owner of that particular land can share the profit with us via the Joint Venture. Our consultancy fees are charged according to the scope and the potential of the project.

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