Crosscheck Communications

Crosscheck Communications is an advertisement agency that is dynamic and fully equipped to offer its clientele the best options out there. With a staff that works around the clock bringing new angles to the advertising world, it gives its clients total involvement in the process of advertising. With a complete range of professional advertising services comprising all ATL (above-the-line) and BTL (below-the-line) advertising together with promotional tasks with approaches tilted towards innovation and experimentation.
November 2001, we took our first steps into the journey of advertising and we have never looked back. In all this time Crosscheck Communications has made exceptional progress and has achieved great market credibility in a short span of time. Crosscheck Communications is the parent company while its sister concern is The Real Marketing which looks after marketing strategies and launch modalities of the projects.


In this time and age where competitiveness and unique outlook can be the difference between a great venture and a failed one, advertising has acquired unique place in the business model, more and more dependence has shifted to information and perception. An integral part of any progressive venture, advertising has become a science used by the top brass of management of any commercial or industrial firm. With fortune on our side the company has managed to pull out some prestigious projects and has done a great job in advertising campaigns of very renowned builders in the building industry. With great research and analyses together with a dedicated team driven by achieving excellence, the company has done more than good by its own standards.

Known around the town as Specialists in terms of its multiple expertise and services, Crosscheck Communications as an advertising company has been acknowledged through launching of numerous projects of great stature and ethic. The secret of the success story of the companys phenomenal growth is based on humble and traditional values of consistency in terms of high class services and staying true with the principles of honesty. With the grace of the Almighty and with our hard push towards growth, Crosscheck Communications today enjoys a name that is unparallel.


Hence the company enjoys a sound reputation in the advertising and business world. Geared to deliver nothing but the best, the management and professionals are drilled to respond promptly to the ever changing trends in the advertising world and our clients. As individuals it is our core values that reflects our past and our future, with Crosscheck Communications the case is the same and we hope to reflect a good impression on our clients as a committed and dedicated team. Jelling passion with professionalism into every prospect of work, Crosscheck Communications seeks to partner with companies that share our enthusiasm, drive for quality and perfection. Below are the set of guidelines that have steered us:

  • Satisfaction of the client as the top priority.
  • Delivering professionalism and quality in every project.
  • Upholding values such as innovation, creativity and results.
  • Recognizing and rewarding teamwork
  • Looking at challenges as opportunities.
  • Practicing open, responsible and honest dia-logue with our partners.


Creativity is a hard thing to achieve, it doesnt come naturally but with sincerity and hard work. At Crosscheck Communications we have what we like to call a creative philosophy which is based on commitment to innovation and excellence. With unswerving dedication to professionalism in hand with creativity, we have managed to bring out fresh concepts that have started trends in the advertising field. Screening international trends together with our traditional heritage, Crosscheck Communications develops its campaigning strategies on assured yet creative foundations. Merging originality with practicality and relevance, the company has come up with a sure success method in terms of bringing about creativity.

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