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Incepted in 2001, The Real Marketing has made exceptional progress in the construction industry. The Real Marketing has had the pleasure of marketing projects all over Pakistan. Over 195+ projects (and growing) in cities of Karachi, Islamabad, Gwadar, Hyderabad, Lahore and Faisalabad in such a short time, its record in the field is unchallenged. The company is a sister concern of Crosscheck Communications (Pvt.) Ltd and works hand in glove with its parent company. 

A high caliber team of result-oriented and dedicated professionals with experience of marketing all kinds of real estate ventures. In The Real Marketing, the people undertake professionalism to new heights with the determination to achieve goals of accomplishing marketing ventures.

How We Function

Our Marketing responsibility lies in evaluation of all the aspects of a project, ranging from feasibility of all the services that are required, calculating the value of the property in line with the prevailing marketing trends, to consider the public’s preference in terms of locality; to assess the market tendencies as far as the investors response is concerned; the weather suitability in line with the project launch; the present economy that can always shift upwards or downwards affecting our strategy and finally to present the best suited fiscal rates.

redefining-the-contoursPossessing exceptional analytical skills, our specialists are very good with anything in the form of digits and price fluctuations. Our specialists are required to calculate and draw out the most effective strategies for a successful marketing and sales promotion of any project that comes by. Once the client has made up his mind for the type of service required for his project, we take responsibility of the project like it was our own.
After conceiving the Marketing and Advertising Plans, the second phase of preparation of advertising and promotional material kicks in. The Crosscheck Communications is entrusted with the designing and production of the brochure material, outdoor signage, advertisements and T.V commercials. All of these tasks are well met before the deadline.

Then comes the turn of the Marketing and Sales staff of The Real Marketing, they are there to organize all relevant activities at the Site and Booking Offices of any project undertaken. By mutually agreed date and plan, the project is launched supported by full-fledged advertising campaign through all media forefronts whether it is Print or Electronic. Invitation is handed out by the Marketing team to various clients from a computerized database for launching ceremony of that particular project. 

Later, on the completion of the Booking phase, a recovery cell is initiated by the Marketing department to execute all necessary responsibilities and to prepare on monthly basis “reminders” to the clients to meet their payment of dues.

Scope of Services

Multifaceted our scope of services include proposing a marketing strategy according to the requirements for a project. The Real Marketing offers four sorts of services.

  1. Complete Advertising Strategy
  2. Advertising Strategy plus booking of the project
  3. Complete Package: Consisting of Advertising, Marketing, Event Management and so on. 
  4. Joint Ventures: Taken with the people owning a piece of land, instead of gaining the price of the land only, the owner of that particular land can share the profit with us via the Joint Venture.

Our consultancy fees are charged according to the scope and the potential of the project. From the beginning to the end we extend our full services to the client in order to achieve their desired outcome and most importantly their satisfaction.

Success Story

Having executed a handful of projects in various cities of Pakistan, The Real Marketing has become a force in the field of real estate. Our track record and delivery in time is unparalleled and unchallenged throughout. This gives The Real Marketing an edge that attracts all sorts of clientele to our shores.

The Growth of The Real Marketing is closely linked with high standards that are preached inside the organization. Passion of excellence and dedication enables the team of The Real Marketing to attain greater heights and expand the company’s profile. 

Even in this bizarre economy, The Real Marketing has boomed in such a short span of time becoming a successful company in the process. Due to its creative vibe and well thought planning, The Real Marketing has become a name to consider for all clients. 

Mega Achievement: Hawksbay Scheme 42


The Real Marketing has added another feather in its cap in the form of Hawksbay Scheme 42, a project of LDA for which Lyari Development Authority had earlier invited competent firms for participation in the pre-qualification. After successful bidding, The Real Marketing was awarded the “Management & Marketing Consultancy” for ‘Hawksbay Scheme 42’ in the year 2007.

First, we executed the assignment of Balance Cost Recovery of old Balloted Plot in the month of August, 2007. Then we successfully launched New Plots in the said scheme. The results have been beyond our imagination, keeping in view the prevalent bearish market situation. Balloting of the scheme was held in July 2008.

Recent Mega Achievement: Gulistan-e-Sarmast Housing Scheme Hyderabad

Gulistan-e-Sarmast - A Project of Hyderabad Development Authority. Government of Sindh
Gulistan-e-Sarmast - A Project of Hyderabad Development Authority. Government of Sindh

The Real Marketing has the honor of marketing the prestigious Gulistan-e-Sarmast Scheme in Hyderabad. The Real Marketing was succeeded in qualifying as the Marketing Management Consultants for Hyderabad Development Authority for their scheme “Gulistan-e-Sarmast”. Spread over 5,000 acres, the first phase will comprise of 37,000 (approx.) residential plots spread over 2,000 acres initially. We have successfully launched the Gulistan-e-Sarmast Housing Scheme. 

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